We play for fun. Attitudes are not tolerated.

We only use and allow clear fill paintballs due to our property being a multi use facility that also host Airsoft, Boffing, Nerf Wars, LARPs, Battle Gaming and other activites.

Most of the rest...
- All players must attend a safety briefing each time they play.
- No alcohol on the premises at any time.
- Your mask must be on at ALL times, unless you are in the staging area.
- Barrel bags only. Barrel plugs are not allowed.
- Barrel bags on when you are not alive and playing.
- If you have any problems, seek out a ref for assistance.
- Paint checks are when the ref checks a player to see if the ball broke or not.
- Yelling hit, out, or raising your marker in the air means you are out, no matter what.
- When you are hit, put the barrel bag back onto the end of the barrel.
- Walk off the field with the marker up in the air and your MASK ON.
- Never come into the staging area with out your barrel bag on your gun.
- Barrel bags are avaialable for sale at the registration desk.
- Do not shoot any lights, speakers, antenaes or other equipment on or off the field.
- All paintballs must be clear fill only.
- No climbing the trees or structures.
- All players need to be at least 10 years old to play.
- All markers need to be semi auto and under 300fps.
- All guns must be chron'd.
- No smoke bombs or pyrotechnics allowed.
- No tobacco products allowed on the playing field.
- No green lasers.
- No blind firing (i.e. If you can't see it, you can't fire at it)
- There is an uneforeced surrender rule. Asking for one doesn't mean they have to surrender.
- There is a NO BITCH rule under 20'. Either don't get that close or call yourself out before the other guy does!
- Gentlemens Rule #1 is that in close quarters, players call out their team color, opposing players respond with theirs.
- Gentlemens Rule #2 is that for unintentional close quarters, both players agree to back up an appropriate distance and resume play.
- Paint grenades are water balloon related are allowed (i.e. Tippmann Squad buster).
- Paint mines by permission only.
- Breaks count. Gun hits count. Gear hits count. Friendly fire counts.
- Spray is not a hit. Bouncers are not a hit.
- Headshots happen. Aim elswhere if possible.
- Dead man tell no tales and pass no gear.
- Flags must be hung eye level where you die. No hiding flags at any time on yourself or on the field.
- No running into, jumping on or jumping over structures.
- No fighting.
- No firing at or near animals.
- Never play a game with out a ref to supervise the game.
- Boundaries are marked by pink string, ribbons and stakes. All other colors are in field navigation.
- All players must start at their flag station as indicated by the refs (i.e. inside, in contact, etc)
- Refs are here to provide safety to all players including themselves.
- Rock Paintball will not tolerate any one that is trying to put others in danger or not being able to follow the rules.

This is just a general listing of rules for most games. If you have questions, feel free to ask beforehand!